About us

Mission Statement

We are a team of doctors, scientists and inventors committed to discovering and innovating new technologies that redefine expectations for mints and gum, and give people unprecedented self-confidence about their breath.


We achieve our Purpose by…

Creating and launching a family of products that radically expand the understanding of how long a breath mint should last.


Our customers love us because we listen to them, learn from them, and create the things they want. We enable them to stop worrying about one of the most common and most critical social concerns: bad breath.


We offer a constant, invisible solution to one of the biggest social insecurities people have, through a family of products that are longer-lasting, healthier, and simply more effective than the mints and gums people currently use.


Put another way… We sell the longest-lasting breath mint you can buy.


We are continually driven to innovate the simplest and most effective way to keep your breath fresher for longer than ever before possible


Why does a breath mint just have to be a breath mint?


That was our question when we created mints fortified with other ingredients to promote good health and well-being.  They’re still the longest-lasting breath mint you can buy but they are so much more, capable of delivering a whole host of other beneficial vitamins, nutrients, and supplements.


At ForeverMint we’ve already revolutionized breath mints.  Now we’re figuring out the next way we can help our customers every day.