NeuOra Technology

The Challenge: To develop a tiny time-release mint that takes hours to dissolve and continuously releases and delivers an extended flavor.

Phase 1 - The Mint On Its Own

Each tiny NeuOra tablet (140 to 145 mg) which is the size of Lincoln’s head on a penny, is composed of an anti-bacterial/anti-cavity sweetener (Xylitol) and flavor enhanced by a proprietary booster for long lasting flavor dispersion. Depending upon the product, additives such as Vitamin D  or other health-promoting ingredients may be added to the tablet to enhance its effectiveness.

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Phase 2 - What Happens When You Put it in Your Mouth?

Seconds after being moistened by saliva, the NeuOra tablet adheres comfortably between the upper or lower rear gum and cheek, on the tooth, or under the tongue. As the tablet is slowly dissolved by saliva, the active agents are continuously released in your mouth.

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Phase 3 - Dissolving Over Time

The tablet dissolution, anti-bacterial sweetener and flavor are released in an overlapping process that lasts until the tablet is fully dissolved— all the while imparting a cool, aromatic and soothing sensation in the mouth for the full multi-hour duration of the NeuOra tablet.

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Phase 4 -Improving Dental Hygiene

As the mint dissolves over the two-hour period, Xylitol is released that has the effect of inhibiting bacteria that cause plaque and tooth decay. Customers have reported decreased plaque after using our mints on a regular basis.

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